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Soft drink ultrasonic welding horn for PE coated paper box packing

short description:

short description:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Rps-sonic
Certification: CE
Model Number: Rps-H210

  • Material: Steel
  • Frequency: 20khz
  • Dimension: 120*5mm
  • Connect Screw: 1/2-20unf

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    Soft drink ultrasonic welding horn for PE coated paper box packing


    The principle of ultrasonic welding is to use high-frequency vibration to melt the part of the contact material and achieve welding effect after cooling. So all thermoplastic materials can be ultrasonically welded. The beverage lid we saw in this article is the lid and the carton. First of all, let’s analyze the material: the lid is plastic, and the beverage box is in line with the material, including paper, PE, aluminum foil. When welding, plastic and PE are in contact. Obviously, these two materials are thermoplastic materials, and both can be ultrasonically welded. Therefore, ultrasonic welding is very practical.

    Ultrasonic welding instead of glue to fix the lid of the beverage box:1. Avoid the harmful substances of glue contaminating the beverage.2. Good tightness, not easy to leak.3.Ultrasonic welding is not affected by time, it is permanent and firm, and the glue will usually crack after standing for a long time.4. Save labor cost, adopt ultrasonic welding, the whole welding process is about 2 seconds, fast and convenient.


    Welding area120*5mm
    MaterialAlumium alloy
    Connect screw1/2-20unf


    1. Every horn will be designed by FEA system , so that to confirm theEnd face of the ultrasonic horn with uniform force

    2. All ultrasonic horns with three months warranty.

    3. Specialized in high power ultrasonic for more than ten years

    4. Every ultrasonic hornwith 24hours old testing before shipment.

    5. Good packing, no packing problem during the 10 years exporting business.

    6. Every customer will get purchase records and there are certain rewards after accumulation

    Service and shipment

    • Warranty one year for transducer.
    • You can contact us for technical inquiry any time.
    • We supply OEM service for oversea customer, also will keep Confidentiality for our customers.
    • We supply customized products service for small quantity also.
    • Shipment by FED-EX /DHL/UPS/TNT

    Applicable in Packing area

    PET packagingIn PET applications, ultrasound can quickly reach high melting points and increase yield. Sealing and separation of blister can be realized,Kaifeng and genuine anti-counterfeiting functions can also be easily implemented.

    Soft drink packagingUltrasonic welding is particularly suitable for coated cardboard packaging materials. Although the product is wet, it can still ensure the tightness of the weld seam, and it does not matter whether it has an aluminum film. The nozzle can be integrated normally. Short sealing time and high yield. Repeatable welding parameters ensure consistent seal quality.

    Film packagingUltrasonic energy safely separates residual product in the weld zone to ensure absolute sealing. So that it can be significantReduce the number of packaging leaks and increase product durability. Lingke Ultrasound in stand-up bag, zipper bag and hose bagThis advantage is fully demonstrated in longitudinal continuous welding and horizontal intermittent welding.

    Shell & top coverThe sealing of the top cover film, the welding of the sealing ring and the sealing of the filter packaging are the most important kinds of solutions using ultrasoundTo the application. The welding mold positions the film by vacuum. Heating-free molds ensure durability and protect the product.

    Durable SteelUltrasonic Welding Horn For PE Coated Paper Box Packing 0

    Durable SteelUltrasonic Welding Horn For PE Coated Paper Box Packing 1Durable SteelUltrasonic Welding Horn For PE Coated Paper Box Packing 2

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  • Q1.What kind material of the horn?

    A. Titanium alloy, we also customized aluminum hom for customer before.

    Q2.What’s the time of delivery?

    A. For Conventional hom, 3 days, for customized hom 7 work days.

    Q3.Does ultrasonic extraction also require the addition of a chemical catalyst?

    A. No . but some time need Mechanical stiring.

    Q4.Can the device work continously?

    A. Yes ,it can work 24hours continously.

    Q5.What’s the Processing capacity of one set ultrasonic extraction equipment?

    A. Different hor different Processing capacity, for 2000W Nine section whip horm can dealing 2L~10Lmin.

    Q6.What’s the warranty of your sonicator equipment?

    A. All equipment one year warranty.

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