Ultrasonic systems from RPS-SONIC are used for sewage sludge disintegration in industrial and municipal sewage treatment plants.

The integration of a high-performance ultrasonic system into existing systems of sewage treatment plants improves the economic efficiency and the result of the sewage treatment plants. By treating sewage sludge with ultrasonic (sewage sludge disintegration), aerobic and anaerobic processes are intensified. This reduces the amount of residual sludge and at the same time produces biogas that can be used to supply energy to the plant.

微信图片_20210111161241_副本Advantages for wastewater treatment plants with the use of ultrasonic technology
Reduction of the digestion time (up to 60 %)
Reduction of the amount of residual sludge to be disposed of (up to 30 %)
Increase of biogas production in a wastewater treatment plant (up to 50 %)
Reduction of costs of a sewage treatment plant in sewage sludge treatment (up to 50 %)
Elimination of operational problems
Generation of cavitation in sewage sludge
Change of biomass structure
Splitting of organic cells, bacteria and fungi by high shear forces
Release of cell contents
Simplification and intensification of digestion
Control of foaming, bulking and floating sludge by decomposition of filamentous organisms


Good reasons for wastewater treatment plant operators to use the RPS-SONIC high-performance ultrasonic system in the future
Low turnover rate
Formation of bulking and floating sludge
Impairment of plant operation
Additional deterioration of the digestion result
High amount of residual sludge despite large digestion systems
Formation of biosolids (sewage sludge) during mechanical-biological treatment of municipal and commercial wastewater
No direct recycling or environmentally friendly disposal of the sewage sludge possible
Digestion of the sewage sludge in digestion tanks
Partial decomposition of the organic components
Use of the resulting biogas to supply the energy needs of the sewage treatment plant
Reduction of the sludge mass to be disposed of
Reduction of germs in the wastewater

Post time: Mar-07-2023