Ultrasonic defoaming and debubbling in food processing and other applications

Foam is a multiphase medium generally produced as an unwanted by-product in many industrial processes. Conventional defoaming methods use mechanical, thermal, electrical, or chemical effects. Chemical methods, using antifoam agents, are the most effective, but they also contaminate the process. A better method is the use of airborne ultrasonic radiation, which offers a clean means of breaking foams without making contact with the liquid. This chapter deals with the mechanisms and effects of ultrasonic waves for use in foam destruction and reviews the ultrasonic defoaming systems currently in use. A section about the application of ultrasonic radiation for debubbling liquid coating layers is also included.

In front of the sonotrode the ultrasound technology generates a phenomenon of acoustic wind without causing any acoustic overpressure : the focusing of the acoustic waves generated by the sonotrode causes a pressure field to spring up at a few cm distance from it, enough to explode the foam bubbles created during the filling operation.

The beverage defoaming system is designed to significantly reduce foam in the bottles/cans during the packaging operation creating a compressed and denser foam in the can or bottle. This enables the defoaming system to deliver significant productivity gains, filling line efficiency gains, reduced beverage waste, reduced contamination, energy & water saving, eliminate contamination on the package and quality improvements.

The benefits: Increases fill level and reduces product losses Increases production capacity and performance Simplified and reduced maintenance (e.g. no moving parts and readily sterilisable) Decreases container/packaging rejection rates No airflow interferes with plant controlled environment Easily installed in manufacturing lines and no interference with manufacturing process Reduces the use of anti-foam chemical additives Improves food security with a lower microbiological risks from leaks Reduction of defoaming heating/cooling, and its related energy costs APPLICATION IN PACKAGING LINES Foam Reduction Technology for Bottling & Canning Line Operations In The Beer Industry Delivering Foam Reduction Technology for Beverage Bottle & CAN Filling Operations Foam Reduction Technology for Dairy Bottle & CAN Filling Operations Cleaning Chemicals Foam Compression Technology


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