Cannabis extracts (CBD, THC) are hydrophobic (not water soluble) molecules. In order to overcome the immiscibility of cannabinoids in water to infuse edibles, beverages and creams, a proper method of emulsification is needed.

Ultrasonic processors use the mechanical shear force of ultrasonic cavitation to reduce the droplet size of cannabinoids to produce nanoparticles. Ultrasonics is a widely used technology in the pharmaceutical industry for making stable water soluble nanoemulsions.

  • Create translucent nanoemulsions
  • Increase bioavailability
  • Ensure accurate dosing

Sonicators, together with an effective surfactant system, allow you to drive the active ingredient’s average particle size down to well under 50 nanometers, maximizing absorption in your topical product.

Oil/Water Cannabis Nanoemulsions are emulsions with small droplet size which have several attractive properties for cannabinoid formulations including a higher degree of clarity, stability and low viscosity.

A variety of cannabis inputs, including distillate, isolate and full/broad-spectrum oils can be processed to form nanoemulsions.

Sonicators can reduce particle size of an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) to 30-90nm (depending on the formulation). Sonication creates a concentrated nanoemulsified solution to accurately infuse their final product (e.g. beverages, edibles, etc.) with a known concentration of API. For cannabis applications, concentrate formulations typically contain 10-50mg/mL API load.

Product Applications


Beverages infused with a stable nanoemulsion offer:

  • Enhanced absorption of the active ingredient
  • Rapid onset of active ingredient’s effects
  • Optical clarity and homogenous appearance
  • Reduced degradation of the active ingredient


Lotions and serums can also benefit from the use of nanoemulsions, as they can enhance the delivery of active ingredients through the skin. While more difficult to conduct stability tests on due to the opaque nature of most lotions, a stable nanoemulsion has potential to dramatically improve a consumer’s ability to absorb active ingredients in a nanoemulsion format. Rapid onset, enhanced absorption and reduced degradation of the active ingredient are all reasons to consider using nanoemulsion-infused topicals.

Post time: Nov-16-2021