20Khz 1000w ultrasonic food cutting machine with titanium blade

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Ultrasonic Food Cutter
Suitable for foods including foods with different hardness, such as ultrasonic cutting cheese,
Ultrasonic cutting cakes and breads, ultrasonic pizza slicing, ultrasonic cutting cakes, ultrasonic cutting candy, ultrasonic cutting frozen mousse, ultrasonic cutting nougat, ultrasonic sandwich cutting, ultrasonic cutting frozen food and ultrasonic cutting dried fruits.

  • Frequency: 20Khz
  • Power: 1000w
  • Horn material: Titanium
  • Horn size: 305mm
  • Application: Cake,bread,cheese,butter,candy
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Generator: Digital
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    20Khz 1000w ultrasonic food cutting machine with titanium blade




    Machine Ultrasonic cake Cutter
    Frequency(KHz) 20Khz
    Power 1000 W
    Cutting Blade / Horn Titanium
    Voltage(V) 220V
    The width of blade depend on your requirement
    Cutting thickness 86mm in max
    Horn amplitude 10-40μm
    Equipment weight 8KG




    The trendsetting cutting technology
    In many industries intelligent ultrasonic cutting established itself as the preferred method for clean and fast separation without any waste. Scoring or cutting of food items like dough, cheese and meat, or separating of materials like fleece, carpet, foam, rubber, light-weight materials, foil, or textiles without fraying or unraveling, the Industry 4.0-ready ultrasonic technology is the right tool for you. This process provides another advantage: The combination of cutting and welding seals the edges in the same process step.


    Broad range of applications
    Process safety, reproducible results, and time savings gained by the speed of the process are only some of the advantages you can gain by employing ultrasonic technology. Depending on your individual requirements we offer vertical or horizontal cutting solutions which can be realized as continuous cut or in a cycle mode.


    Cutting systems by RPS-SONIC Ultrasonic are specifically tuned to the individual characteristics and consistency of the material, e.g. cheese, lunch meat or dough. Even warm, fresh, sticky or frozen food can be separated, scored or cut in smaller pieces with ultrasound. Your hugh advantage: The need to stop at the blade can be almost completely eliminated with the use of ultrasound which keeps the edges especially clean.


    Durable, low in maintenance and flexible
    Compared to mechanical blades, cutting Sonotrodes stay sharp longer and require much less maintenance. In conjunction with our flange converters, a tool change with cutting Sonotrodes is a breeze. This is how RPS-SONIC keeps your production going.

    Ultrasonic food processing involves a vibrating knife (guillotine) producing a nearly frictionless surface that minimizes buildup on the blade surface. The ultrasonic blades cleanly cuts sticky products and inclusions such as nuts, raisins & morsels without displacement. Ultrasonic cutting is used by many of the world’s largest and most prestigious food producers.





    Precise separation with almost no loss of material
    Cutting of frozen goods
    No fraying on edges
    High degree of process safety
    Reproducible results
    Cutting cycles or continuous cutting possible
    Little tool wear
    Simultaneous cutting and sealing possible


    Our Sonotrodes are always designed for a specific customer or application using FEM (finite elements method). Usually made from Titanium, we manufacture the correctly shaped blade like arrow heads, sickles, punch or X-Sonotrodes, for each application. For ultrasonic punch applications, we also provide the matching die or counter piece to each punch Sonotrode.





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  • Q1.What kind material of the horn?

    A. Titanium alloy, we also customized aluminum hom for customer before.

    Q2.What’s the time of delivery?

    A. For Conventional hom, 3 days, for customized hom 7 work days.

    Q3.Does ultrasonic extraction also require the addition of a chemical catalyst?

    A. No . but some time need Mechanical stiring.

    Q4.Can the device work continously?

    A. Yes ,it can work 24hours continously.

    Q5.What’s the Processing capacity of one set ultrasonic extraction equipment?

    A. Different hor different Processing capacity, for 2000W Nine section whip horm can dealing 2L~10Lmin.

    Q6.What’s the warranty of your sonicator equipment?

    A. All equipment one year warranty.

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