Ultrasonic liquid inactivation equipment

As the main means of transportation at sea, ships play a huge role in international trade. However, if the microorganisms in the ship’s ballast water are discharged locally without treatment, they will pollute the local ecological environment, seriously destroy biodiversity and even endanger human health.” For decades, countries have studied innovative methods of treating ballast water There are more than 20 kinds, but none of these methods can meet the five standards of safety, practicality, economy, effectiveness and environmental tolerance proposed by IMO at the same time. The ultrasonic cavitation effect can kill all kinds of marine organisms very well, thereby protecting the ocean Safety and longevity of facilities.

Marine fouling organisms can be divided into the following three categories

1. Soft growths such as sponges, etc.;
2. Bacteria and unicellular organic matter, such as various bacteria and algae;
3. Rigid marine animals, such as barnacles, bivalve molluscs, etc.

The most harmful species are mainly hard fouling organisms

It will destroy the surface layer of the metal structure and cause localized corrosion;
Larger fouling organisms will block water supply and drainage pipes, heat exchangers, etc., which seriously affect the safety and service life of marine facilities.

Ultrasonic ballast water treatment equipment, anti-sea organisms mainly use the “cavitation effect” of ultrasonic waves, that is, when ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency and intensity are applied in the liquid, a large number of tiny bubbles will be generated, and these tiny bubbles will oscillate, grow and shrink In the process of collapse, a series of physical and chemical changes will be triggered.

When the bubbles in the liquid burst, they will generate a pressure of hundreds of atmospheres and a high temperature of thousands of degrees Celsius, which can quickly peel off the adhesion of marine organisms and crush the epidermal cells of marine organisms, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing marine organisms. Ultrasonic cavitation technology has its advantages. It is not only simple in device design and easy to operate, but also does not produce secondary pollution. The most important thing is that the synergistic treatment effect of ultrasonic and hydraulic cavitation is better, and the energy consumption is not high.

Ultrasonic anti-sea biological technology has been applied in practice and achieved good results. The technology has the advantages of simplicity, economy, effectiveness, and environmental protection. It can not only remove the adhesion of marine organisms on the inner wall of the seawater pipeline and the filter screen, but also kill the larvae of marine organisms.

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Post time: 02-20-2023
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