Ultrasonic armored cable stripping machine is used for stripping mineral insulated cables and armored cables. The basic principle is to use the high-frequency vibration mechanical energy of ultrasonic waves to act on the cut mineral cables, crush the insulating mineral powder and remove the protective layer of the metal sleeve, but ensure that the core wires will not be damaged in any way.

Ultrasonic mineral cable stripping machine consists of five parts: ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic horn, pneumatic system, frame, and current wire.


Product Features of Ultrasonic Mineral Cable Stripping Machine

Compared with the traditional manual stripping method, the ultrasonic mineral cable stripping machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, good stripping quality, and high success rate of stripping. The equipment is suitable for 2-30mm diameter, one-core to multi-core mineral cables. Ultrasonic mineral cable stripping machine completely solves the problem of mineral cable stripping. The ultrasonic mineral cable stripping machine adopts a vertical structure, which is small in size and stable in work. It has the characteristics of fixed cable clamping, automatic powder collection, and can be applied to cables of different diameters. It is convenient for users to use, further improves the work efficiency of wire stripping, and effectively reduces the production cost of the wire stripping process. Its efficiency is more than 30 times that of the traditional stripping method.

Application field

Mineral insulated cables have been widely used in the instrument industry, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, airports, tunnels, ships, offshore oil platforms, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, shopping centers, parking lots and other occasions where mineral insulated cables are applied.

Working principle

The ultrasonic generator (that is, the drive power supply) is composed of a rectifier circuit, an oscillating circuit, a feedback circuit, a tracking circuit, a control circuit, a power amplifier circuit, a matching circuit, etc., and converts the mains power into a high-frequency and high-voltage AC current, which is sent to the Ultrasonic transducers inside the mechanism. The power of the ultrasonic generator is adjustable to suit different working conditions. A timing controller is also integrated in the generator to control the ultrasonic vibration time and intermittent time of the stripping machine.

Ultrasonic mineral cable stripping machine is composed of ultrasonic energy converter, ultrasonic amplifier, ultrasonic resonance impact mold, pneumatic system, fixed bracket, protective shell, working base and other mechanisms. Energy converters convert electrical energy into vibratory mechanical energy. The amplifier amplifies the amplitude, fixes the position, transmits energy and drives the impact die to act on the workpiece (mineral cable).

Under the action of high-speed and high-strength ultrasonic waves, the insulating mineral powder in the cable sheath (metal casing) is effectively crushed and removed from the metal protective shell, exposing the battery core, which is convenient for people to use, and the whole process of the cable core can be made without any damage.



Post time: May-04-2023