Ultrasound Dispersing and Grinding for Paint and Pigments

Powerful ultrasonics are known for their intense and precisely controllable grinding and dispersing effects. Industrial ultrasonic generators provide a highly uniform particle size distribution in the micron and nanometer range. Industrial ultrasonic generators easily handle high volumes of high viscosity flow and achieve uniform wetting, dispersion, deagglomeration and grinding.

Ultrasonic paint manufacturing
1.Improve your paint, color, and coating through ultrasonic processing: 1. Formula: Whether it’s high viscosity, high particle load, water-based, or solvent based – using Hielscher’s industrial online ultrasonic generator, you can process any formula.
2. Micron and nanoscale: cavitation high shear force reduces particles to small particle sizes and provides uniform dispersion.
3. Optical performance: To achieve correct optical performance, it is necessary to control the particle size of the pigment. Usually, opacity is related to particle size: the finer the particle size, the greater the opacity. For example, TiO2 is specifically processed into particle sizes ranging from 0.20 to 0.3 microns, which is approximately half the wavelength of light. Ultrasound reduces the TiO2 pigment to the optimal size, thereby obtaining the final covering power.
4. High performance particles: Smaller particle sizes lead to higher color saturation, color consistency, and stability. The strong but precisely controllable ultrasonic force allows for the production of modified and functionalized nanoparticles, such as coated particles, SWNT, MWCNT, and core-shell particles. These particles exhibit unique characteristics and elevate paint or coating formulations to new levels of quality and functionality (such as UV resistance, scratch resistance, strength, adhesion, high heat resistance, infrared and solar reflectivity).
5. Modified particles: Surface modified pigments have extremely low viscosity (2.5cP at 10% solids) under high pigment loading, excellent suspension stability, and high purity

Use ultrasonics for the production of
final formulations
master batches of pigment paste
refining particles after conventional milling

Ultrasonic dispersion and grinding conditions
The quality of paint and coatings depends on the uniform dispersion of pigments. RPS-SONIC provides effective grinding and grinding equipment for coating dispersion, especially suitable for formulations with high pigment content. The mechanism of ultrasonic dispersal machines used for grinding and grinding, depolymerization, and dispersion applications is also based on the shear principle generated by ultrasonic cavitation. The cavitation force required for particle dissociation is generated by high pressure difference, local hot spots, and liquid jets, which leads to particle collisions and particle fragmentation. Industrial ultrasonic dispersers such as SONO20-3000 can handle large amounts of paint and paint streams.



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