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20Khz Spirometry Filter Welding Machine for Ventilator

short description:

short description:

Ultrasonic welding machine, industrial automatic welding equipment, is used to generate 20KHz (or 15KHz) high-voltage and high-frequency signals from the generator.

  • Frequency: 20Khz
  • Power: 3200w
  • Voltage: AC 220V/50Hz
  • Horn size: Customized
  • Horn material: Steel/Aluminum/Titanium
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Generator: Digital
  • Application: Ultrasonic plastic/nonwoven welding

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    20Khz 3200w automatic ultrasonic welding machine ultrasonic plastic welder


    FrequencyPowerWorking distanceInput voltageAir pressureSystem language
    15Khz2500W/3000W/4000W75mm/100mm220V or 110v0.2-0.8MpaEnglish/Chinese
    20Khz2000W/3000W75mm220V or 110v0.2-0.8MpaEnglish/Chinese
    30Khz1000W75mm220V or 110v0.2-0.8MpaEnglish/Chinese
    35Khz1000W75mm220V or 110v0.2-0.8MpaEnglish/Chinese
    40Khz800W75mm220V or 110v0.2-0.8MpaEnglish/Chinese


    The function of the ultrasonic welding machine is to generate a high-voltage and high-frequency signal of 20KHz (or 15KHz) from the generator. Through the transducer system, the signal is converted into high-frequency vibration. While adding a plastic workpiece, through the surface of the workpiece and the molecules The friction between the two joints will then increase the temperature of the interface. When the ambient temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the workpiece socket will melt rapidly, thus filling the gap between the sockets. When the vibration stops, the workpiece will be under a certain pressure at the same time. After cooling and shaping, the purpose of welding can be achieved. The ultrasonic welding machine transmits ultrasonic wave energy to the welding area through the upper welding parts. Since the welding area, that is, the sound resistance between the two welding interface layers is large, local continuous high temperatures will also occur. And because of the poor heat conductivity of plastic, it cannot be released in time and gathers in the welding area, causing the surfaces of the two plastics to melt rapidly. After adding a certain pressure, they are combined into one. When the ultrasonic waves stop acting, let the pressure continue and allow some pressure holding time to condense and form. This will form a strong molecular chain for the purpose of welding, and the welding strength can be close to the compressive strength of the raw material itself. Ultrasonic welding machines can be divided into automatic welding machines, semi-automatic ultrasonic welding machines, and manual automatic welding machines according to the degree of automation. For modern companies, the higher the degree of automation, the more beneficial it is to the company’s assembly line production, so the application of automatic welding machines is the most important thing for companies. A development trend in planning.


    Welding process

    1. Welding method:

    The welding head that vibrates at ultrasonic ultra-high frequency under appropriate pressure causes frictional heat on the connecting surface of the two plastics and instantly melts and tightly connects them. The weldability is comparable to itself. Using appropriate workpieces and scientific and reasonable interface design, It can achieve tightness and air tightness, avoid the inconvenience caused by using auxiliary products, and complete welding with high efficiency cleaning.

    2. Riveting welding method:

    The ultrasonic ultra-high frequency vibration welding head presses the obvious treetops of the plastic products, causing them to instantly heat and melt into the shape of bolts, allowing different types of materials and equipment to be riveted together.

    3. Implantation:

    With the help of the welding head and appropriate pressure, metal parts (such as nuts, screw rods, etc.) are squeezed into the pre-embedded plastic holes in an instant and fixed at a certain depth. After completion, no matter the tensile force or torque It can match the strength of traditional mold molding and can avoid the defects of injection molding damage and slow injection.

    4. Forming:

    This method is similar to the riveting method. The concave welding head is pressed against the outside of the plastic product. The welding head emits ultrasonic ultra-high frequency vibrations and then the plastic is melted and molded to cover the metal object so that it is fixed and has a smooth appearance. Beautiful, this method is mostly used in the stable molding of electronics and audio speakers, and the fixation of cosmetic spectacle lenses.

    5. Welding:

    A. Separate and weld the two pieces of plastic without designing the welding wire in advance to achieve the welding purpose.

    B. Compared with larger workpieces, workpieces for which welding wires are not easily designed can be welded separately to achieve the welding effect, and more can be welded at the same time.


    Welding scope: toy industry, stationery industry, home appliance industry, electronics industry, food industry, communications industry, transportation industry, aerospace, etc.

    Ultrasonic welding application:

    1. Daily necessities industry: ink cartridges, cosmetic mirrors, hair combs, lock rings, insulated water cups, airtight containers, condiment bottles, water pipe quick connectors, handles, bottle stoppers, food packaging materials, car lampshades, water tanks, etc.
    2. Toy industry: various ball sports toys, stationery, high-pressure water guns, plastic gifts, singing toys, and various plastic toys…etc.
    3. Household appliance industry: electronic clocks, steam irons, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, computer keyboards, fans, rechargeable batteries, etc.
    4. Machinery manufacturing industry: headlights, rear mirrors, car interiors, bumpers, various plastic products, etc.


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  • Q1.What kind material of the horn?

    A. Titanium alloy, we also customized aluminum hom for customer before.

    Q2.What’s the time of delivery?

    A. For Conventional hom, 3 days, for customized hom 7 work days.

    Q3.Does ultrasonic extraction also require the addition of a chemical catalyst?

    A. No . but some time need Mechanical stiring.

    Q4.Can the device work continously?

    A. Yes ,it can work 24hours continously.

    Q5.What’s the Processing capacity of one set ultrasonic extraction equipment?

    A. Different hor different Processing capacity, for 2000W Nine section whip horm can dealing 2L~10Lmin.

    Q6.What’s the warranty of your sonicator equipment?

    A. All equipment one year warranty.

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