20khz ultrasonic welding machine 5000W with Multi function auto welding

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Rps-sonic
Certification: CE
Model Number: rps-w20-329

  • Frequency: 20Khz
  • Power: 5000w
  • The Height Of The Frame In Max: 280mm
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    20khz ultrasonic welding machine 5000W with Multi function auto welding


    Ultrasonic Welding Technology uses high-frequency vibrations (ultrasonic) to accurately seal two thermoplastic parts together in sub-second timeframe. Under precise pressure, the connection is sealed in less than 0.2 seconds.

    Ultrasonic welding basic

    The ultrasonic waves vibrate 10′s of thousands of times per-second. This oscillation is transferred to a contact surface that is directly in contact with the plastic parts. Since the boundary of the welding area has a large acoustic impedance, it produces high temperatures. Plastic is a pretty poor conductor of heat and can’t dissipate the heat before it changes the state of the plastic from solid to liquid. With a bit of pressure applied, this makes the two parts blend together as if they are a single piece of plastic. Once the ultrasonic signal is stopped, the parts become solid again. This is the magic that creates a weld between the two parts that is clean and very strong. The weld will have a strength that is close to that of the raw materials being formed together in an injection molding process.


    1. Frequency auto-chasing: intelligent control system, frequency auto tracking.

    2. amplitude adjust Infinitely : amplitude adjust Infinitely , amplitude increase and decrease by 5%;

    3. intelligent protection: frequency offset protection, output overloading protection, mold damage protection;

    4. electrical components: all pneumatic components and main electronic components of the machine are imported from Germany and Japan;

    5. fuselage structure: the frame of the machine adopt special steel structure and made by precision cast aluminum CNC machining processing , the frame is more precise and more stable


    Frequency 20KHz
    Generator 2000W/3000W/4000W/5000W
    Welding model Time model energy model, power model, depth model
    Distance micro-adjustment 20-100mm Precision:0.01 mm
    The height of the frame in max 280mm
    Input Voltage 220V/110V


    The benefits of ultrasonic welding are that they produce lower production costs, they create a very effective bond with a high-quality seal that doesn’t require fillers, and they have fasterwelding times that most other traditional welding procedures.

    • High strength welds

    • No consumables—no fasteners or adhesives

    • Fast—no cure or dry time. Welds in less than a second.

    • Easily automated

    • Clean and precise

    • No ventilation needed

    • Can vibrate contaminates out of packaging seals

    • Provides tamper-proof hermetic seals

    • Low power consumption—works in short bursts

    • Great for volatile or heat sensitive products

    • Uses standard electrical power (both 220v/110V)

    • Established technology with many choices in equipment

    • Relatively low capital equipment costs

    Multi Function Ultrasonic Welding Tool   5000W  220V/110V Low Power Consumption 0

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