60Khz ultrasonic smart card welding Antenna copper wire Embedding

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Rps-sonic
Certification: CE
Model Number: RPS-W60

  • Frequency: 60Khz
  • Horn: 5mm
  • Application: Copper Wire Inlay
  • Threading Hole: 0.3 / 0.5mm
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    60Khz ultrasonic smart card welding Antenna copper wire Embedding


    Ultrasonic embedding device, also known as smart card antenna welding machine, smart card spot welding machine, smart card antenna implanting machine, etc., is a professional equipment for smart card embedding. It is applied to sheet welding positioning and antenna embedding. One of the important applications in the field of RFID.

    Ultrasonic wire buried device, which is specially used for high-speed buried wire production of contactless smart cards, is a key component to improve production efficiency.


    Frequency(KHz) 60Khz
    Power(W) 100
    Generator digital generator
    Size Φ25X100mm
    Trigger External control or manual control
    Threading hole Φ0.3mm or Φ0.5mm
    Welding speed 10-12s/pcs
    Power type Two types, high: Suitable for embedding smart card outer ring; Low: Suitable for smart card chip serpentine embedding


    Classification of ultrasonic welding According to the direction in which ultrasonic elastic vibration energy is transmitted to the weldment, the basic types of ultrasonic welding can be divided into two categories. Where the vibration energy is transmitted to the surface of the weldment tangentially and the welding interface produces relative friction, this method is suitable for welding metal materials. Common metal ultrasonic welding can be divided into spot welding, girth welding, seam welding and implantation, and the ultrasonic wire embedder uses ultrasonic implantation technology.

    The ultrasonic wire embedder uses ultrasonic ultra-high frequency sound waves to vibrate. Through the welding head’s conduction and appropriate pressure, it instantly squeezes metal parts (such as nuts, screws) into the reserved plastic holes and fixes them at a set depth. . After completion, both the tensile force and the torque can be comparable to the strength of traditional molding in the mold, and the disadvantages of injection damage and slow injection can be avoided.


    For ordinary ultrasonic wire embedders, as the tool head of the wire is worn, the frequency will inevitably change (the product size determines the product frequency). When the frequency changes to a certain extent, it is difficult for the generator to find the frequency of the tool head, which affects the entire The ultrasonic system works normally. At this time, only the new wire bonding tool head must be replaced.

    The RPS-SONIC wire burying device has been greatly improved. The improved ultrasonic wire burying device has greatly improved product performance, more stable work, stronger automatic frequency adaptability, and more beautiful appearance. This problem is largely solved. Even if the tool head is worn to a certain degree, the generator can automatically search and find the change of the frequency of the ultrasonic vibrator, thereby ensuring the stable operation of the entire ultrasonic system, and the service life of the tool head will be extended. 2 -3 times, truly saving costs for the majority of users. It has 30% more power than traditional ultrasonic wire buried devices, and solves the problem of heat generation of ultrasonic generator and vibrator, which can work for a long time.


    1. Intelligent frequency search, prolong the life of buried head 2-3 times.

    2. No soldering is required before soldering, reducing process and cost.

    3. The matching power is powerful, the buried head and the ultrasonic generator can be interchanged arbitrarily.

    4. Multi-point power control, super high speed buried wire, good consistency.

    5. Solve the problem of equipment heating when buried, can work for a long time.

    6. Standardized design, can directly replace imported products, environmental protection and safety.

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