Customized Biologics Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator With Circuit Board

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Customized Biologics Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator With Circuit Board


Frequency: 20khz Power: 200W
Generator: Digital Generator Horn: Titanium Alloy
Capacity: 10ml/second
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ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator


ultrasonic cell disruptor

customized biologics ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator OEM with Circuit board


Item Parameter
Frequency 20±0.5 KHz
Power 150 W+-50W
Voltage 220/110V
Temperature 300 ℃
Max Capacity 10 ml/s
Tip Head Material Titanium Alloy


ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator is a multifunctional and multi-purpose instrument that uses strong ultrasound to produce cavitation effect in liquid and ultrasonically process substances. It can be used for the destruction of a variety of animal and plant cells and virus cells and can be used for emulsification , Separation, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, cleaning and accelerating chemical reactions, etc. It is widely used in biochemistry, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, surface chemistry, physics, zoology and other fields.

What's the principle ofultrasonic homogenizer sonicatorThe principle of the ultrasonic homogenizer sonicator is not too mysterious and complicated. In short, it is to convert electrical energy into acoustic energy through a transducer. This energy passes through the liquid medium and becomes dense small bubbles. These small bubbles burst quickly and produce energy like a small bomb, thus breaking up the cells. And other substances.Ultrasound is an elastic mechanical wave in a material medium. It is a wave form, so it can be used to detect the physiological and pathological information of the human body, which is both diagnostic ultrasound. At the same time, it is also a form of energy. When a certain amount of ultrasound is transmitted in the body, the interaction and function between them can cause changes in the function and structure of the organism, that is, the ultrasonic biological effect. The effects of ultrasound on cells mainly include thermal effects, cavitation effects, and mechanical effects. The thermal effect is that when ultrasound propagates in the medium, the frictional force hinders the molecular vibration caused by ultrasound, and converts part of the energy into local hyperthermia (42-43 ° C), because the critical lethal temperature of normal tissue is 45.7 ° C, and the ratio of tumor tissue is Normal tissue is highly sensitive, so at this temperature, the metabolism of tumor cells is impaired, and DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis are affected, thereby killing cancer cells without affecting normal tissues. The cavitation effect is that under ultrasound irradiation, vacuoles are formed in the living body, and mechanical shear pressure and turbulence are generated with the vibration of the cavitation and its violent explosion, which causes tumor bleeding and tissue disintegration to cause necrosis. In addition, when the cavitation bubble bursts, it generates instantaneous high temperature (about 5000 ℃) and high pressure (up to 500 × 104Pa), which can thermally dissociate water vapor to generate .OH radicals and .H atoms. Atom-induced redox reactions can lead to polymer degradation, enzyme inactivation, lipid peroxidation, and cell killing. The mechanical effect is the primary effect of ultrasound. During the propagation of ultrasound, the media particles alternately compress and stretch to form a pressure change, causing damage to the cell structure. The strength of the killing effect is closely related to the frequency and intensity of ultrasound.


Miniature labultrasonic sonochemistry can be used for small ultrasonic research:

  • Ultrasonic cell disruption
  • Ultrasonic dispersion
  • Ultrasonic homogenization
  • Ultrasonic algae removal
  • Ultrasonic sterilization
  • Ultrasonic emulsification
  • Ultrasonic extraction
  • Ultrasonic mixing

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Before ultrasonic treatment

Customized Biologics Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator  With Circuit Board 1After ultrasonic treatment

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